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Oki Momo


March 2, 2015

Dressings + Sauces

March 2, 2015 | By |


SWEET GINGER CARROT gluten free vegan
Sweet, tangy vinaigrette infused with fresh ginger.

SOY SESAME gluten free vegan
Rich flavors of sesame, garlic, and soy, balanced with just a hint of sweetness.

THAI PEANUT gluten free vegan
A creamy, lightly sweet Thai-inspired peanut dressing punctuated with the bold flavors of lime and cilantro.


MOMO SAUCE gluten free vegetarianvegan available
Creamy housemade sauce with our secret blend of herbs and spices.
Perfect for seafood + over rice!

GINGER SOY SAUCE gluten free vegan
Savory soy-ginger dipping and stirfry sauce.
Just right for meat + veggies!

GYOZA SAUCE gluten free vegan
Garlic infused soy with tangy rice vinegar, sesame, and a hint of sweetness.

HOT SAUCE gluten free vegan
Thick and sweet sriracha and garlic sauce.

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