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We’re Oki Momo.

We’re friends and family who know a little something about trying to please multiple palates, and we think eating together shouldn’t require a round of rock-paper-scissors to see who gets what they want. At Oki Momo, you don’t have to choose between healthful, delicious, or kid-friendly. It’s a place where people with diverse dietary needs and wants can all come together for an enjoyable meal.

Feel Free to Get Saucy.

Jazz up your combo plates and bowls with our signature Momo and Ginger Soy sauces. Or, try our other sauces and dressings to find your favorite fusion. Dip lightly or pour it on! When it comes to sauce, don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly.

With our secret blend of herbs and spices.

Perfect for seafood + over rice!

Savory soy-ginger dipping and dressing sauce.

Just right for meat + veggies!

Philosophy + Beliefs

  1. We believe everyone should have food choices that are both healthful and delicious, which is why we offer a menu that emphasizes freedom of choice, dietary balance, and culinary inclusion.
  2. We integrate “superfoods” in our menu offerings in a subtle, balanced way that will satisfy both the health-foodie and the fast-foodie.
  3. We use only the freshest, all-natural ingredients that are organic and locally-sourced whenever possible. Our partnerships with local farms are integral to our menu and our culture.
  4. We make all of our sauces and dressings for you from scratch, every day.
  5. We support the cause of parents who are dedicated to providing their kids with balanced, nutritious meals and a fun dining experience.
  6. We strive to keep our menu fresh by continually testing and sharing new ingredients and flavors.